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Laziness Expands to the Maximum

Are you lazy? How lazy? I think technology is giving us opportunities to take laziness to an entirely new level! I remember life before the Internet took over. Many things have changed. Now we can buy stuff online. We can … Continue reading

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Meritocracy: A Fine, But Mythological, Idea

I love the idea of a meritocracy! It’s a glorious myth that makes a wonderful story. But if you look at how resources, wealth, prestige, etc. get distributed, it’s very hard to make a case for meritocracy. It’s no surprise … Continue reading

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Physics used to justify wishful thinking

The Copenhagen interpretation of physics is used to justify wish-and-it’s-yours principles of some new age thinking. In this article, I suggest that other unexplored physics phenomena can be equally useful. Continue reading

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An NLP hint on writing and emotion

Using emotion in writing depends on your words and the emotions those words bring up. Choose your words to create the emotion you want. Continue reading

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Establishing a new habit

Today’s Get-it-Done Guy episode deals with how to form a new habit. Becoming more productive, setting new years resolutions, brushing your teeth differently … any sort of behavior change involves, well, changing behavior. Unfortunately, humans aren’t very good at changing … Continue reading

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