Entrepreneurship and Building a High-Growth Company


Stever has been a co-founder or early member of nine startups over the last 25 years and an angel investor, board member, or advisor to several more. He’s knows the patterns of what can go wrong operationally, strategically, and organizationally when navigating a high-growth startup.

He has written several articles on entrepreneurship, was an expert columnist for Entrepreneur.com for several years (and still writes an occasional article for their site), and has given his presentation Lessons from Nine(teen) Startups at many of the world’s foremost business schools.

Stever’s approach is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the founding team as individuals, as a team, and with respect to their stated strategy and business model. He then works with the executive team to align the business strategy, operations, team functioning, and individual skills around making the business possible.

  • Make better decisions by having a confidential, business-savvy sounding board for discussing tough problems with no other agenda than your success.
  • Increase your success and the return you get from limited resources by honing and sanity-checking your business model, startegy, and operational alignment.
  • Build a strong executive team that reinforces each other’s strengths by identifying strengths and helping you streamline how the team works together.
  • Develop interpersonal and leadership skills needed to build a high-growth company.
  • Know if you’re succeeding while you still have time to adjust course by identifying metrics and measurements for your people systems and your business systems.
  • Boost your chances for funding your business through business plan reviews.

Make sure to read Stever’s articles on entrepreurship and check out his e-book “The Entrepreneur’s Companion” (for those just thinking about becoming an entrepreneur).