Review of Jonathan Altfeld’s Mastery Insight Institute of NLP - Linguistic Wizardry Seminar


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" to make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant."
- Moshe Feldenkrais


By Peter McKinney

I attended the Mastery Insight Institute of NLP 3 day Linguistic Wizardry Seminar in Boston, presented by Jonathan Altfeld. The seminar is geared to people that have a working knowledge of NLP and those that would like to see their language skills improve.

I have found Jonathan's teaching style to be exceptional and entertaining on multiple levels. Not only does Jonathan present the material; he demonstrates it as well. All the time, unconsciously, I think.

The training was very interactive. Language skills for gaining rapport and pattern interrupts were discussed and we did a number of different exercises as practice. A good amount of time was spent on delving into the submodalities and how to use them in language patterns. Some of the other topics covered included using embedded commands, tonality, quotes, verbal anchors and binds. We did a good number of exercises that were designed to tie all of these language skills together. Jonathan also taught in depth on using timelines and the proper tenses to place things in the past, present or future linguistically.

The accommodations were excellent at the Doubletree Suites. The staff was courteous and pleasant. The hotel had a nice restaurant and bar with one of the top rated jazz clubs in Boston. Harvard Square, home of the original House of Blues, was a short 10 minute drive from the hotel and Chinatown was about 20 minutes away so there was plenty to do locally in the evening.

Overall, I have found that my awareness of language, as both a speaker and as a listener has improved. I'm better focused on what and how I need to say things in order to get the outcomes that I would like from the people that I interact with.

If you would like to turbo-charge your language I highly recommend taking Linguistic Wizardry with Jonathan.

        © 1993-2008, by Stever Robbins