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Working Less, Doing More!


Time Control Personal Productivity Series

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Business Leadership

Rules for dealing with humans

Social survival skills for engineers, quants, and those who love them.

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Get-It-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More

Does life feel like a treadmill? Does thinking about your To-Do list give you anxiety? Stever has spent years helping people with these issues, and 80,000 people download his advice each week. This book is the first time that he’s combined these popular tips with all-new material to create a complete productivity system. This unique combination will transform the way you work, and could even transform your life. Written with attitude and humor, it’s as engaging as it is useful. (And believe me, it’s useful!)

In just 9 steps, you will learn to:

  • Live On Purpose – Find your true life goals with one simple question
  • Stop Procrastinating – Speed date your tasks to find which you’re ready to complete
  • Conquer Technology – Is your technology really making you more efficient? Find out.
  • Beat Distractions to Cultivate Focus – Multitasking doesn’t work. Your brain is tricking you. Stever explains the math and science.
  • Stay Organized – Stuck on a big organization task? They require a different strategy. Learn it here.
  • Stop Wasting Time – Learn to make complex decisions quickly by ‘satisficing’
  • Optimize – Once you’ve learned to do things well, learn to do them exceptionally
  • Build Stronger Relationships – Tired of small talk? Learn how to turn a superficial conversation into a deep, impactful conversation.
  • Leverage – Learn to get things done without even having to be there.

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You Are Not Your Inbox: Overcoming Email Overload
Wasn't email supposed to make us more productive? Most of us are now buried under it. If you'd like to learn how to tame your email, respond to the things that need your attention, and keep yourself sane, this program could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Take control of your inbox today!


Rights and Responsibilities of Leadership
Rights and Responsibilities of Leadership
This mini-eBook lays out the principle challenges with being a leader, and what steps you can take to overcome those challenges. The topics cover the breadth of a leader’s job, and how to tackle several of the most common leadership challenges. You’ll learn how to deal with your own role as a leader or rising manager, as well as how to suffuse your leadership into organizational results.
  • The role of a CEO or general manager.
  • Managing the increasing scrutiny that comes with moving up in an organization.
  • Linking leadership to strategy and then to action.
  • Aligning your organization behind the strategy.
  • Creating and influencing corporate culture.
  • Measuring a general manager’s success.
  • Motivating people in tough times.


Psychology of Business
Psychology of Business
Business isn’t just about money; it’s about people. Knowing the basics of your own psychology and key psychological principles will help you manage yourself and the people around you more effectively. This mini-eBook will teach you why it’s important to distinguish your beliefs from reality, and how to quickly re-examine whether you’re acting on your beliefs or on the real world. You’ll learn how to know if you’re thinking strategically (and if not, you’ll know how to start!, how to build power over time, and how to gain and hold the trust of those around you.


Anatomy of Business
Anatomy of Business
This mini-eBook will give you a crystal clear understanding of several commonly-used, but often misunderstood business concepts. For the entrepreneur who’s just starting out, or the experienced businessperson who needs a quick refresher, this mini-eBook will have you up to speed in no time. You can’t make good business decisions if your understanding of the basics isn’t crystal clear. This mini-eBook will get you there. The book covers:
  • Business models, what they are, and how businesses with identical products can have very different business models.
  • How money flow within a business, the difference between debt, equity, revenue, and profits, and why each one matters.
  • The differences between marketing and sales, and between cash flow and profit. All are important, but they’re very different!


Leading with Vision
Leading with Vision
This mini-eBook covers the essentials of becoming a visionary leader. Leadership isn’t an abstract, fluffy notion. You need skills as a leader, and you must know how to produce certain kinds of results. You’ll learn the difference between leadership and management, and how leadership sometimes means forgoing immediate results in favor of building a stronger bond between people. We’ll cover how to be proactive as a leader, how to use expectation-setting to get the best performance out of others, and how to deal with mistakes and organizational change so you come out strengthened, rather than blind-sided.


Balancing Work and Sanity
Balancing Work and Sanity
Face it: we’re pretty much buried. Our lives are so busy, so interrupted, and so overflowing with thing to do, incoming demands, ads, and whatnot that… Wait, what was I saying? Oh, yeah—we’re overloaded! This ebook will give you solid, practical advice for recovering from overwhelm, dealing with email and email overload, and generally making sure you don’t quite go insane. This time. Note: Ordering this free ebook will subscribe you to my newsletter. You can always unsubscribe at any time.


It Takes a Lot More than Attitude … to Lead a Stellar Organization
Articles on leadership and how to bring out the best in your people so they bring out the best in your organization. Several of these were taken from my Harvard Business School Working Knowledge column The Leadership Workshop.


Entrepreneur’s Companion, Volume 1: Help! I Don’t Even Know What I Need to Know About Starting a Business
Articles on entrepreneurship: do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Where do you find ideas? How do you know if an idea will make a good business? Do you need a business plan? This compilation of articles will help you understand the very basics of entrepreneurship.


Social Survival Skills for Geniuses (and we’re all geniuses!)
This is the “how to survive in the real world” I wish I’d had in my early career. The programs are intended for geeks and ex-geeks, financial professionals, or anyone for whom humans sometimes seem … a tad illogical. This program, recorded live at a finance company, lays out step-by-step the techniques and principles for managing the emotional side of face-to-face communication, in addition to the content. 10 Downloadable MP3s, including tips on Voice Tone, Body Language, Advanced Voice Tone, and Appearance.


Dressing Up and Down: Comfort and Style for Men at Work
Dressing Up and Down: Comfort and Style for Men at Work
A conversation with style and image consultant Julie Foley. She helps demystify some of the guidelines for proper business attire for men in modern, white-collar jobs. If you’re a banker or a lawyer, the rules are probably simple: wear a standard Brooks Brothers 3-piece suit. For the rest of us, it’s not so cut-and-dried. Join Julie for a discussion of how to think about dressing in the workplace and for job interviews. 5 Downloadable MP3s, over 1 hour of content. Immediate access to your solutions. Perfect for tomorrow’s job interview!


You are Not Your Inbox: Overcoming Email Overload
Why is email such a force for destroying productivity? Why is it so seductive? How can we turn it back into a tool to help us, rather than an endless parade of interruptions?