You Are Not Your Inbox: Overcoming Email Overload

You Are Not Your InboxWe’re overloaded by email and we all secretly believe it’s our fault. It isn’t. Email has fundamental differences from any other communication medium. It’s not your fault, but you can fix it.

In this program you’ll learn the real reason why email has become such a problem and strategies to attack email overload from all sides, including:

  • Controlling the amount of email you receive
  • Handling vacation re-entry
  • Effectively and efficiently processing the items in your inbox, according to your personal and professional needs
  • Overcoming the fears and beliefs that are keeping you chained to your inbox
  • Strategies for filing and retrieval
  • Sending email that produces results, rather than contributes to overload


Excerpt: The Five-Dollar Technique
for managing your inbox

Excerpt: Dealing with the boss
who expects to email you 24/7


Disk 1: The How and Why of Email Overload and Protecting Your Inbox

  • What’s really going on with your email
  • New tips on how to handle different kinds of email, including: newsletters, product registrations, spam, family spam
  • Reclaiming your time
  • Email tips for vacation

Disk 2: Processing Your Inbox

  • Tools to process effectively
  • Common email processing mistakes that seem like good ideas to reasonable eople
  • Automating what you can
  • The psychology of your email addiction
  • Breaking through common ideas that keep you addicted

Disk 3: Filing and Retrieval and Sending Effective Email

  • Deciding what to keep and what to trash
  • Setting up a filing system that works for you
  • The golden rule: how to send email you would want to receive

You haven’t heard this before! These tips and strategies focus on YOU and are filled with Stever’s trademark humor. Your purchase gives you unlimited access to online resources that will be continuously updated.
If you or someone you love suffers from email overload, this is the program you need!

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Format: Downloadable MP3s plus additional resources.