Are you a helpful person? In 2017, I’ll be developing online and offline workshops, courses, and conferences. But it only makes sense to address your real needs, rather than my fantasies about what those needs must be. That means I’d like your advice! Please share your answers to three quick questions to help shape the courses being developed.


    What was your single biggest challenge in 2016?

    Which of these best describes you?

    Employee of a businessFounder of multi-employee, high-growth businessOwner or CEO, small businessSolo business, offline (e.g. bookkeeper)Solo business, online (e.g. e-commerce site)Fortune 1000 CEOOther (give details below)

    Where do you most want improvement?

    people skills (leadership, sales, persuasion)business strategybusiness financial skillscareer strategyother (give details below)

    Anything to add? (optional, e.g. details for "other")

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