Public Do-it Days

I’m currently running public Do-it Days every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. (The other days of the week are reserved for Get-it-Done Groups activities.)

What’s a Do-It Day? You can find out here: http://www.doitdays.com

To participate, simple join us on a Zoom videoconference using this link at 5 minutes before the hour, starting at 8:55 am Eastern Time. If you’re in another time zone, try connecting hourly—as the attendee group grows, we’ll have people who will facilitate for each other for times outside the standard Eastern timezone.

Instructions for your Do-It Day!

NOTE: Please do not announce yourself when you join! We will call you by name.

What we’ll do is call in to a conference line every hour at five to the hour from 8:55 a.m. Eastern until 4:55 p.m. Eastern. We will do a brief check-in, commit to certain results in the next hour, then go get-it-done! The next hour, we’ll reconvene and do it again. Please be prompt!

Do-it Days are sponsored by Get-it-Done Groups. Stop procrastinating and get moving on your most important initiatives!

Click here for Get-it-Done Groups!

If this is a themed Do-it Day, please prepare:

PROSPECTING days: bring a list of prospects and be prepared to do initial outreach and follow up by email, phone, or whatever other channel you use for prospecting. 

SORT OUT STUFF days: identify an area to sort out. It can be physical sorting (desks, office, files, home), paper sorting, mental sorting, etc. It’s a day of clearing whatever variety of clutter is holding you back.

SUCK IT UP days: bring a list of tasks that you’ve been avoiding but that have to get done. E.g. expense reports, administrative paperwork, etc.

When and where to call

You can join by video chat from a computer or smartphone. You’ll need the Zoom app.

When: five minutes before the hour. We will start the check-in promptly at five before the hour (e.g. 8:55 am for the first check-in) and may be over in as little as two or three minutes.

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:


Please try connecting via Zoom before the Do-It Day to make sure you can access the line.

If you’re not in the Eastern time zone, feel free to join whenever’s convenient for you. Our last check-in will be at 4:55 pm ET, the end of the Eastern Time work day, but you can continue to call in if others want to go later.

We have people from timezones from Pacific to GMT. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find someone who will start early with you, or continue the checkins until the end of your work day.

What to prepare for each hour

Because we have so many people, we must keep each person’s comments very brief (otherwise, we would spend the whole hour doing our check-in).

8:55 a.m. – Please be prepared to spend no more than 30 seconds introducing yourself and saying your overall goal(s) for the day, and then your goal for the next hour.

Other hours – Please come with a no-more-than–30-second summary of what you got done in the last hour and what you intend to do in the next hour.

Ground rule: 100% support

This is about being there to support each other making progress. If someone doesn’t manage to reach their goal for the hour (it happens often), that’s fine. We’re there to be encouraging and supportive for the next hour.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Stever Robbins