Most people put very little effort into creating a career strategy. Part of this is a pervasive (and questionable) belief that somehow career advancement will “just happen” as time goes by. Maybe that was true in the 1960s, but now, if you want your career to go anyplace interesting, you need to take charge of it.

The career planning handout is a simple framework you can use to think about growing your career. You can apply it to any kind of career:

  • Employee, working for someone else
  • Freelancer, doing solo contract work for others
  • Small business owner, employing people in an ongoing business
  • Entrepreneur, growing a company to deliver a new, unproven product or service

Click the below button to download both the Career Planning Strategy worksheet and Chapter 1 of my book Get-it-Done Guy’s 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More, the chapter on life maps.