Subliminal Influence and NLP


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NLP was developed in the mid-70s by John Grinder, a Professor at UC Santa Cruz and Richard Bandler, a graduate student. NLP, as most people use the term today, is a set of models of how communication impacts and is impacted by subjective experience. It's more a collection of tools than any overarching theory.

Much of early NLP was based on the work of Virginia Satir, a family therapist; Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy; Gregory Bateson, anthropologist; and Milton Erickson, hypnotist.


Subliminal Influence

A Critical Overview of the Research

I previously expressed an opinion in a newsgroup regarding subliminal self-help. It was transferred to an NLP/DHE web site where it stood for quite a while without the benefit of background or context. I have received many requests for more information, and sometimes even hate mail from people who don't want to believe that subliminal self-help really does have no basis in legitimate research. For the sake of education, I am providing this better documented article. This is my attempt to help people understand the basis for my negative evaluation of subliminal self-help technologies up to this point, and also the poor prognosis I give this technology for the future.

I have also made an attempt to tie this topic in with hypnosis and with NLP, though that is not my primary purpose here.

Please direct constructive criticisms and reasonably courteous arguments to ToddStark@AOL.COM.

What is a subliminal influence ?

What is the basis of our belief in subliminal advertising or subliminal self-help ?

What subliminal influences are used effectively today ?

What unseen power do people have over me with hypnosis or NLP ?


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