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" to make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant."
- Moshe Feldenkrais


By Jonathan Altfeld

Training Content & Process:

There were themed sessions oriented towards the following: Meanwhile, of course, John & Richard were increasingly folding in tons of language patterns and metaphors to help lock in & amplify our learning & observation skills. The manuals were nicely bound with color printing on the cover, and included not only standard Society of NLP(tm) Master Practitioner materials but also some additional emphasis on Trance information and exercises. I chose this time around to take *no* notes, so if the order of these isn't quite correct, or if I'm leaving a few things out, please forgive me.

Day 1: Opening up the Senses, Gaining Flexibility, Rates of Learning, Brain learning mechanisms

Day 2: More Sensory Acuity, Flexibility, Laughter, Strategies, Language Skills (Meta-Model & Milton-Model patterns were used & pointed out in demonstration (while a LOT were not pointed out)!

Day 3: More Strategies (Decisions, Creativity), Artistic & Musical Exploration, Tonality

Day 4: Trance, Sensing Energy, Inducing Outrageous States, Anchors, Zip Anchors & Timelines, Pheromones ;)

Day 5: "Drug of Choice" trance induction, More Trance, more Energy & Timelines, more Tonality

Day 6: Dance, Rhythm Exercises & DHE Submodality Control Panels

Each day was filled with not only information-packed instruction, but also a LOT of exercises designed to develop behavioral competence & excellence in the skills being presented. We did roughly 5 exercises per day (varied a lot). Everyone was having so much fun, the volume increased rather markedly in the training room (!) and as such, if there was a single down-side with the actual training room, it was that the hotel was restricting us during certain times from fanning out into the outlying rooms to do the exercises where we could hear each other better!

Richard and John have improved their delivery, speed of presentation and stage presence even since last Summer (when last I saw them), and both appear to be having even more fun! The language patterns taught & used were substantially more rapidly delivered/installed than I recall from previous trainings. Richard took a moment at the end of the training to point out how little jargon he'd used with the group, and how easily acquired the skills were without all the jargon attached to it!

Richard & John were focusing on getting the attendees to learn how to recognize when people were right at the edge of their model, and how to elicit outrageous and amazing states from them as we expanded their model of reality and provided them new options for behavior & understanding! No one I watched was looking for eyelid fluttering or tiny changes in pupil dilation, saying "can you feel better" in neutral tonality! They were going into state FIRST, leading people through great states, amplifying all the submods to get major physiological changes, and then leading their exercise partners through the meat of the exercises! I'd say that made a massive difference in responsiveness and effectiveness of our learning!


The training ran 6 days, generally from 10am-6pm, with some schedule variants due to other events being held in the hotel, and with time spent some evenings on group exercises & such.

Richard opened the training on the first day and then taught the remaining 5 afternoons, with John training during the mornings (& sometimes early afternoons). During exercises, John, Kathleen, and their entire staff actively circled the room assisting various groups in doing the exercises.

John & Kathleen La Valle should be commended for running what appeared to be a VERY smooth operation! As Kathleen et. al. managed the registration process, John made himself available to welcome & chat briefly with everyone. The excellent support team helping out John & Kathleen with all manner of tasks included Domenic Luzi, Dave Gonzales & fiance' Holly! In addition, David Barrow set up his impressive audio system & Joel Piper ran the audio equipment with clear expertise!


The training was held at the Driskill Hotel, on 6th st in Austin TX, near the Capital bldg and near University of Texas. It is a beautiful hotel, and is undergoing some restoration efforts at present. According to 2nd-hand info, the rooms were a little expensive but were beautifully appointed (I stayed nearby at a friend's apartment). The training room was beautiful, and offered good acoustics.

New Products:

A limited number of Richard's new videos ("State of the Art I & II", and "an Evening with Dr. Bandler" recorded in the UK through McKenna-Breen) were made available in NTSC format at this event, along with the introduction of a great new Hypnotic tape entitled "Soften", recorded during the Master Practitioner training in Hollywood during the Summer of 1997 (which I attended, and in which participants were asked to transcribe it for learning purposes).

Well-Known Attendees:

Roye Frasier, Ross Jeffries, Joseph Riggio, Doug O'Brien, & Chris Mulzer (amongst others)!

Richard & John took ample time pointing out the work/accomplishments of these folks, and how people should take advantage of the opportunity to learn from them while they were there! As far as I could tell, all of the above and more were VERY generous with their time and ideas with the other participants. Richard even gave special mention to Ross Jeffries because he felt Ross' "mos grandez huevos" were worth modelling!

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