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What are your beliefs about planning?

Now that we’ve explored some rules and beliefs on organizational life, would you like to chime in on rules and beliefs about projects and planning?

Some of the beliefs that have ruled my life:

  • I have to plan for contingencies.
  • I have to deliver according to plan.
  • If I miss a milestone, everything will fall apart.
  • If I miss a milestone, it’s no big deal.


What are situations where you want to use in-person communication?

I’m writing a tip for the book on when to communicate in person, versus electronically. What are some situations where you would shy away from electronic communication and want to go face-to-face or by-phone? I’m doing this as a list of bullet points, so brevity is appreciated.

For example:

  • Propose or break up in person.
  • Give negative performance appraisals in person.

… etc …