Advising and Consulting

As an executive consultant and advisor, I help you understand your business in new, powerful ways, solve problems that span business and personal, and serve as an accountability partner. You set the agenda, I help you achieve it. Past clients have said that when we work together, they find themselves with breakthrough ideas that solve even long-standing problems.

We understand your business in new, powerful ways

As you become more senior in your business, you must change your thinking. You must expand your thinking across functions, and be able to link the larger company strategy to your organization’s goals and actions. I help you understand what drives your business strategy and how you can craft an organization to implement that strategy. (And if you don’t have one, I can help you create one!) We cover both breadth and depth of your business.

An entrepreneur had created a niche retail business and wanted to grow. Together we examined his market. We identified what they purchased, how often, and which products were (and weren’t!) profitable. Based on that information, he decided the most sensible course of action would be to dramatically expand catalog and internet sales. He then transitioned to a purely virtual business.

We solve problems that span business and personal

Few decisions in business are purely rational, yet culturally, the rational discussions are the only ones we have at our job. We may not discuss them, but the emotional issues often loom large in business. As a smart, business-savvy third-party with no vested interest, I help you cut through the differing agendas so you have the clarity to choose a course of action.

A CEO’s co-founder, a high-school best friend, was not pulling his weight in the company. The CEO was paralyzed by indecision, and was searching frantically for a way to engage his partner. Together, we determined that the real issue was the friendship, and the emotions were keeping the CEO stuck in indecision. Once we factored this into our decision-making, the CEO was able to lay out the issues with his co-founder and preserve the friendship while negotiating a clean separation.

We provide accountability and action.

With regular meetings, we design an action agenda to reach your goals and then hold you accountable for taking action. When you hit roadblocks, I am your confidential sounding board and brainstorming partner to help you get through those roadblocks.

A project manager in a growing firm wanted to become a member of the executive team at her company. Together we identified the skills she would need to develop, the people she would need to form relationships with, and the projects that would showcase her growing executive abilities. We met regularly to keep her integrating her long-term goals into her daily work life. Two years later, she had achieved her goal.

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