Episode 531: Using URL Shorteners

Episode 531: Using URL Shorteners

In episode 531 of the Get-it-Done Guy podcast on using URL shorteners I mention a script I wrote back in prehistoric times that implements my own URL shortener in my own web browser.

The code can be downloaded below.

Disclaimer! Use at your own risk! This code was written in the early 2000s using a website builder called Dreamweaver. Most of the code in these files was created by Dreamweaver, 15 years ago, not by me. It may contain deprecated PHP features like get_magic_quotes_gpc and it’s certainly not up to my personal code and documentation standards as a former software professional. But nevertheless, you might find it useful.


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Episode 491: Social Media and its Addictive Properties

Episode 491: Social Media and its Addictive Properties

There is more and more evidence that social media addiction is real and produces tangible brain changes. It isn’t just an exaggeration of a preference. Indeed, Facebook co-founder Sean Parker says that Facebook was deliberately engineered to be addictive.

There’s both research and increasing popularization of that research available:

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Episode 466: Using Plans to Motivate, from Barking up the Wrong Tree, with Eric Barker

Today’s Get-It-Done Guy episode features Eric Barker, author of the new book Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong.. Eric has an incredibly successful blog by the same name in which he applies the latest in scientific research to show his readers how they can improve their lives using scientifically-based principles. He joined me to talk about many different success-related topics.

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