Work Smart, Not Hard!

If you can save 30 minutes a day, that’s 182 hours/year, or almost 4 work-weeks a year!

Come learn to be Extraordinarily Productive with Get-It-Done Guy Stever Robbins:


$47 per program, or Save 20% with all 3 Programs for $112!

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Each program consists of two webinars. In the first, you’ll learn deep content. You’ll get specific ways to approach each topic. We’ll have handouts, tools, and exercises you can do to put the principles into action. The second webinar will do a deeper dive into selected topics, and introduce additional material to help you most effectively get results.

Work/Life Balance

Sessions playable on demand

  • Understand how to identify which parts of work and life you’d like to spend more or less time on
  • Stop wishing you were at work when you’re at home, and vice versa
  • Learn to identify the needs that drive you to compromise your boundaries.
  • Negotiate with both work and loved ones so everyone’s needs get addressed.

Time Management

Sessions playable on demand

  • Learn to deal with interruptions and intrusions on your time
  • Eliminate procrastination around your more important projects
  • Start saying NO to new tasks and keep yourself sane
  • Realistically estimate how long things will take, so you know when you’re fully scheduled.


Sessions playable on demand

  • Learn the difference between urgent tasks, versus important ones
  • Understand how to prioritize your roles and tasks at home and at work
  • Set priorities even when other people are involved
  • Stop letting goal/tactic confusion sabotage your priorities
  • Use leverage so your priorities give you the most bang for your buck

Is Extraordinary Productivity right for you?

  • Are you committed to working smarter?
  • Do you want more hours in the day spent doing what you love?
  • Do you want to streamline your days so you can get to what’s important?
  • Are you ready to work less and get more results?
  • Is the answer yes?

Come join me to learn everything you need to be extraordinarily productive!

$47 per program, or Save 20% with all 3 Programs for $112!

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Or order individually…

Work / Life Balance

Surfacing and resolving the unconscious tradeoffs you make when work and life collide, negotiating with friends, family, and bosses, and making both work and life.

Work/Life Balance content webinar, playable on demand
Work/Life Balance coaching webinar, playable on demand

Time Management

How to fit everything into the time you have available. Techniques for managing workload, processing task lists, handling interruptions, and setting boundaries.

Time Management content webinar, playable on demand
Time Management Q&A, playable on demand

Prioritization & Setting Priorities

A deep-dive on how to decide what’s important, what isn’t, choosing between how to choose what to let into your life.

Setting Priorities, playable on demand
Setting Priorities, playable on demand

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