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325 – Delete, then Rescue

Work Less and Do More: The (Zombie) Musical is now a real thing! One of the tips covered in the episode is “Delete, then Rescue” for processing email. You can watch the trailer for the musical here:

You can listen to the audio of just the “Delete, Then Rescue” refrain here:

313 – Billy Murphy discusses Better Decisions with Expected Value

Billy Murphy of the ForeverJobless blog and podcast re-introduced me to the concept of Expected Value. We had a great conversation about it, and how you can use it to make better decisions throughout your life. You can read Billy’s original article on expected value and “Millionaire’s Math” as well.

Brain Requisition Form (From my Musical)

Sometimes a Zombie General needs a Brain Requisition Form.

The picture below links to a PDF containing some of the papers General Stever has on his desk during the musical. Unless an audience member sneaks up and takes a look at them, they’ll never know that they’re real.

299 Tame Your Projects with an Issues Log

Get-it-Done Guy episode 299 is all about using an Issues Log to tame your projects. You can download a sample issues log here:

288 – Better Estimates Through Time Tracking

You can download the PDF of a daily time tracking grid here.


This grid can be used to track your daily time in 15-minute increments quite easily.

Doodle Premium Giveaway

The Doodle giveaway has ended.

Stay tuned to future episodes for more giveaways.

Episode 252: Pursuing unplannable goals

Missi Pyle, actress in 2012’s Off-Broadway BARE: The Musical, discusses what it’s like to live in the world of an actor, where ambiguity reigns supreme!

Missi Pyle


Bare: The Musical


USA – Theater – Bare - New York, New York USA – Theater – Bare - New York, New York USA – Theater – Bare - New York, New York

BARE web site

Episode 241: How to Write Fast and Type Fast

These are the resources discussed in Get-it-Done Guy episode 241, “write quickly using full-screen editors and markdown.” Here is a picture of the MOU editor, which shows markdown on the left and a live preview on the right.

Screenshot with markdown and preview

Markdown References



  • Ommwriter- a full-screen editor without distractions.
  • Markdownpad – a multimarkdown editor that gives you previews as you type
  • Markie - a multimarkdown editor


  • Multimarkdown Composer – a multimarkdown editor written by Fletcher Penny, who created multimarkdown
  • ia Writer – IA Writer, a full-screen editor that supports a subset of markdown
  • Marked – a Markdown previewer
  • Mou – a markdown editor for website builders, which shows a side-by-side preview of your markdown

Episode 224: How to Keep Your Commitments, part 2

In episode 1 and episode 2 of “How to Keep Your Commitments,” I mention my own commitment tracking whiteboard and to-do list. Here are pictures. Aren’t they beautiful? Blissful sigh

To-Do List with Commitment Sticky Note

Commitments Whiteboard

Episode 215: Charisma, with Olivia Fox Cabane

Olivia Fox Cabane, author of The Charisma Myth, shares some of her insights on how to learn to be more charismatic.

Olivia Fox Cabane