Ok, I admit it. I spent 17 years as as engineer before going to business school and becoming a dyed-in-the-wool non-techie. It’s hard to remember the years as a programmer, rather like trying to remember early childhood. My brain was just too different back then. My brain of today won’t process that way any more.

Today I purchased an upgrade to my video editing software. Being an upgrade, it requires you to have the previous version installed already. But there’s a problem: my disk isn’t big enough to hold both the upgrade and the original.

With a small program of only a few megabytes, this oversight can be forgiven. After all, one can usually free up some space with a little detective work. But when the install is multiple gigabytes, it’s sheer sloppiness not to think through the issue of an install that eats up so much of the drive.

I like to think I was never that sloppy as an engineer. I like to think I used my own products and made sure they at least installed and ran smoothly. And since my whole goal today is to bitch about my frustration with Studio’s inability to install, my memory paints only a glowingly happy memory of being such a responsible, user-oriented programmer. And lost in my haze of manufactured memory, I can feel as self-righteous as ever, as I wait on hold (20 minutes and counting) for tech support to bail me out of this mess…

Are engineers living on another planet? Don’…

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