Someone—not me—is coming out with a book called “Work Less, Do More” in just a few weeks. Rats rats rats rats rats. I so loved that title. Any suggestions? I’m at a loss. Grumble. Grumble. Grumble.

The way I’m thinking about it, the book is me writing to my 5-year-old nephew, giving him lots of tips about life. (Though it’s being written for adults.) Roughly speaking, the book flow is:

  • A discussion of productivity and why we should focus on happiness and success, not just productivity.
  • The idea that to master happiness and success, we must develop skills about ourselves, people, organizations, and a few other areas.
  • Then each major section of the book is a collection of tips for dealing with those areas. One area will be lots of tips about managing relationships and people. Another wil be about dealing with organizations. etc.

Most chapters will be very brief, 2-3 pages. This is very much a book of tips that will improve your life in ways to increase your happiness and your success. And occasionally…help you get organized. Like my podcast, however, many of the tips will cover how to deal with people, effectively lead organizations, say “No” to your kids, stuff like that…

ARRGH!!! The book title is TAKEN!!!! HELP!

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