A friend just pointed me to this post on the Boston Globe where I’m being referenced. In this world of the Blogosphere, information moves fast! Shortly after posting my BLOG entry on oil and gas prices, I got a phone call from the PR agency for a major oil company asking about the entry. Cool stuff.

All that said, BLOGging takes time! And I’m already writing a column, recording podcasts, relaunching my web site, and, oh, yes, running a business. So my apologies. At least during client work and the like, BLOGging may not be as frequent as I’d like.

Next steps are to BLOG more and learn to start linking to other Blog posts I like. But meanwhile, I’m also going to be appearing on NBC Nightly News early next week, discussing overwhelm and coping with the information deluge.

So hang in there. I’ll find a way to write on a more regular basis.

Busy, but boy… word gets around

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