I’m going to be working with an experienced PBS Producer on how to break into the media. Before we meet, she’s asked me to poll some colleagues as to what qualities make me stand out, and what they find special about me.

Being typical, non-emotional, task-oriented guy, I thought of this purely as a request for information. So I sent it out to about 30 people and promptly forgot it.

Then the responses came in. My reaction was anything but task-oriented. By the fifth or sixth message, I was crying (in a good way). I get so wrapped up in my own struggles (or perceived struggles) that my attention is always on where I’m falling short, what’s not working, where I’m not achieving or connecting or loving or doing or being. These messages really hammered home how I’m special, and how others perceive my great qualities.

If you’ve never asked your friends what they love about you, give it a try. It’s very, very powerful.

Collect some fan mail :-)

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