In a rather extensive twitter thread, we’ve been discussing how “failure” serves us. The consensus seems to be: failure is a good thing if we learn from it. So if it’s a good thing, why do we fear it? (Since after all, we can always elect to learn from it.)

  • @candees: we’re afraid of others’ perceptions of us when we fail.
  • @harrowdrive: we get conditioned to fear failure as kids.
  • @starshyne: we equate project failure with failure as a person
  • @smsaxon: we think failure will be permanent
  • @erebor (Ryan Waldron): we don’t know the cost beforehand, so we fear the cost will be too high.
  • @cathystucker: failure is embarassing

When others fail

We’re pretty much not as judgmental as we fear others will be.

How does the concept of failure serve you?

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