I canceled a Verizon Wireless account before the end of my contract, incurring a $200 penalty. No problem. I was fine with that.

I went to the web site to pay my final bill. “Web site temporarily unavailable. Try back later.” it said, after I entered my username and password. They sent me bills, each bill said very clearly at the top, “Pay your bill online at www.VerizonWireless.com.” Every time, the site was “temporarily unavailable.”

Finally today I get a phone call from a live person, informing me that I can’t pay by the web–my account has been canceled. Instead, I must call a 1-800 number (but not the one on the bill, of course), press 0 to bypass all the prompts, and speak to a live person.

Can you believe that? Someone cancels their account, and you give them explicitly wrong instructions as to how to pay their bill, deactivate their web account, and leave them in the dark until you finally pay someone to call them.

Don’t be Stupid! Actually try your own services once in a while to make sure they’re usable by your customers!! Please, Verizon!

Can you hear me now?

Idiotic business policy of the week goes to ……

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