My goodness. Now “Plaxo Pulse” wants me, and it insists on updating me daily that my friends and acquaintances added each other as friends, or poked someone, or whatever verbs Plaxo monitors. All I know is that if all these people actually picked up the phone to call each other instead of mucking around with Plaxo, they might actually have a real life. I continue to be utterly confused as to what the benefit of these sites are. In all my time on MyspaceFacebookLinkedInEtc., I’ve certainly reconnected with a couple of people and exchanged a few emails. At the cost of hours and days of time. If I’d spent that same time simply browsing my address book and picking up the phone, I would have reconnected with dozens of people.  (Who would then add me to their Friends list on Facebook. Hmm…)

Please, gentle readers, tell me what value you get from these sites. I must be missing something, I just don’t know what! (That’s why I’m missing it…)

More social networking?

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