A key element of working less and doing more is preparing enough for the future so you have systems in place when the demands on you grow.

If your business is lucky enough to be on a growth path, you still have to deal with setting up operations before the growth happens. Otherwise, you get caught unable to deliver on the extra sales you’ve generated. If you need examples, look no further than AT&T’s inability to deliver adequate data coverage in major markets since the introduction of the iPhone, five years ago. I was interviewed by Latino Business Review on the preparing for operational growth. It’s interesting that the article characterizes me repeatedly as “conservative” in my business practices. I wouldn’t consider my advice conservative; I’d just call it common sense. If you’re growing into a country or product line you have no experience with, why in the world would you make a huge bet with no data? Far better to make a small bet that lets you collect the data, and then commit major resources.

Read the article here: http://www.latinobusinessreview.com/business-features/operations/think-medium-term-planning-operational-growth

Planning for operational growth

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