You Can’t Lead if You Don’t Know Where You’re Going

From my January 2001 newsletter.

Here in America, it was Martin Luther King Day, yesterday. Dr. King was one of the most prominent and revered leaders of the Civil Rights movement in the 60s in America. He spoke passionately about his vision of a country in which white and black people could live side-by-side, without skin color blinding us to each other’s value. His most famous speech is his “I have a Dream” speech, which painted his vision clearly and forcefully, and remains to this day one of the most inspiring speeches I’ve ever read.

Dr. King’s leadership was partially based on his personal charisma and inspiration, which he used to forge a vision that has long outlived him. This “visionary” style of leadership is very powerful; it gives people a powerful sense of direction along with an idea of what to expect once they arrive. Creating and conveying a vision relies on passion. If a vision doesn’t engage people emotionally, it won’t be a powerful motivator…

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Root Your Leadership in a Strong Vision

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