I follow lots of people on Twitter, many of whom I followed reflexively after they followed me, before it got infeasible to do that.

I’ve noticed there seem to be a few different kinds of twitterers:

  • Redirectors. People whose tweets mainly serve to point me to other interesting articles, videos, and websites.
  • Tipsters. People whose tweets actually contain tips or useful information.
  • Personalities. People whose tweets reveal something interesting about them, so I get intrigued by them as a person, and possible also intrigued by their content.
  • Marketers. Lots of self-promotion and/or product promotion. 
  • Randoms. People who tweet random facts about their life that are not revealing or interesting. “Am walking down Street.” 
  • … have I missed any Twitterer types? 

My podcast is where I share tips (let’s get real: the amount of content I have to generate to keep two newsletters, two blogs, a podcast and a book going is unreal. I can’t add Twitter to that load, too).

On Twitter, I’m trying to be a Personality, more than anything. I tweet about things that interest me, and also that affect me in emotional, personal ways. It’s been an interesting journey, since I started on Twitter purely as a way to stay social with my friends. Given the podcast and upcoming book, my presence has evolved into a complicated mix of trying to stay personal and yet build a community that can become the basis for some kind of career (workshops? media presence? information products?).

Since I have no grand plan, I’m just meandering on my own trying to connect in a personal, rather than informational, way.

Do you have any thoughts on my Twitter/Facebook presence? Is there anything you would like me to do differently that would make me more worth following, and/or build a stronger connection of whatever type between me and the Get-it-Done Guy/Stever Robbins community?

Should I be me on twitter, or a conduit for others…

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