One of the most important skills you can develop in life is the ability to turn problems into opportunities. Let’s face it, life throws problems at us pretty much all the time. Some philosophies say that problems are the universe’s way of helping us learn to accept reality. Or perhaps they’re tests meant to give us the chance to show our strength and fortitude.

My take is a bit different. A problem is simply an opportunity by another name. Maybe it’s the old “God moves in mysterious ways” philosophy, or maybe it’s just that no matter what happens, if you survive, you’ll find a way to persevere. Either way learning to systematically find the opportunity within a problem is a key skill to going as far as your life circumstances will allow.

This week’s Get-it-Done Guy episode is all about turning problems into opportunities and how to find the opportunity beneath the problem. You can find it at http://getitdone.quickanddirtytips.com/how-to-turn-problems-into-opportunities.aspx

Turn problems into opportunities

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