What a great idea! Twitter is a little one-to-many text messaging tool. I can send out a text message to Twitter, and everyone who has elected to “follow” me gets the message. The intent of Twitter is that you send out a message answering the question, “what are you doing right now?”

Initially, it was fun. I followed some friends from college and this oh-so-mundane peek into the trivia of their lives sparked several impromptu phone conversations (“Waiting in line and can’t decide which movie to see? I’ll call him and suggest something!”) We’ve reconnected and it’s been wonderful.

Grammar Girl has a gazillion followers. She uses her Twitter friends as a resource for examples, research, etc. She sends out occasional “here’s what I’m doing” tweets, and then she sends out, “Has anyone every been confused by a sign that used quote marks?” and voila–she has a dozen examples for her book.

Since I’m starting on the Get-it-Done Guy book, I’ve decided to start Twittering as a research and outreach tool. Furthermore, I’ll be creating a new BLOG where I post ideas, sample chapters, and questions for my community to share ideas with me.

I’d love to invite you to be part of my Twitter group. Simple text “follow GetItDoneGuy” to 40404, or go to my Twitter page and follow me. I’ll send along my BLOG URL once I have it, as well. We’ll see how this works. It could make collaborative book writing a great way to synthesize, craft, and polish ideas!

Using Twitter as a research tool! Follow me……

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