Ever notice how people don’t change their minds? Even when confronted with compelling evidence against their position, they cling to their position and emotionally shred the evidence rather than face the notion that their beliefs are wrong. As one high-ranking political player told me, “the world is too complicated to worry about whether policies produce the desired effects. Politics is simply about seeing your beliefs put into law. Period.”

I found this a very depressing position. And no matter what his beliefs, I don’t want this man making decisions that affect my life. Unfortunately, he’s in a position to make many, many such decisions.

I’m committed to a process of inquiry, discussion, and (unscripted!) debate about our goals and about which policies will actually reach our goals. So rather than “Liberal” or “conservative,” I call myself a Political Functionalist. You can read my draft Political Functionalism Manifesto here.

(Comments and flames appreciated, though only if they are in the spirit of inquiry and discussion.)

What if politics were organized around process, no…

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