By “Building Our Best Lives” day was designed to give people an accountability structure for working through a year planning and alignment exercise. In my mind, the value was in the structure of helping people complete the day.

One of the attendees was dissatisfied, however. She wrote saying she would rather have spent the time together going deeper into people’s answers and doing the “real” work in the phone calls.

She suggested I ask everyone to fill out the worksheet packet in advance. Then we’ll spend the day debriefing answers & going deeper. The design makes sense to me at a high level, but I don’t quite know how to pull it off in practice.

In particular, there are a couple of big questions in my mind:

  1. Will people fill out 24 pages of worksheets thoughtfully, in advance?
  2. Is it possible to go deeper with 20 people live on a teleconference?
    … how?

What do you think?

What do *you* think would make a good workshop?

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