This community has been a total game changer for me. It’s added back all the elements I miss from my old office job – team and individual accountability, “water cooler” processing of world events, brainstorming and problem-solving with really smart people, humor and a relief valve when things get really stressy. — Eileen C

In three weeks, I was able to complete a marketing project as well as develop and schedule my marketing plan for a year. I also gained insights from Stever and the group that pushed me to make a phone call that resulted in a new work opportunity and encouraged me to experimented with my website in a way that grew my subscriber list by .03% in a few hours. — Beth P

I determined what One Thing I should be focusing on in my business right now, and executed on that focus for a solid two weeks of real productivity. — Wes C

I participated in the Get-It-Done Group pre-pilot in the winter/spring of 2018 and it was nothing short of amazing. I developed habits in my professional and personal life that, in a short time, have changed everything. I am now doing the things that I always told myself I did not have time for (going to the gym, studying for a professional exam, taking care of administrative tasks in my office. Stever did an excellent job at leading the process and matching the participants up with a like-minded accountibilibuddy who I am still check in with on a daily basis. I highly recommended the Get-It-Done Group for anyone who needs to make a path for success. The group gave me focus, recharged my creativity and showed me that I can get it all done. — Chip C

I’d worked on my goal with little success for period of about five years. In the past, I’d worked with coaches galore, workshopped myself silly and pulled my hair out trying to get my goal off the ground. After only three weeks, I’d moved to the ‘make-it’ side of the equation. The systems, routines, and structure that make up the backbone of the Get-it-Done Group, coupled with the fun Stever brings, made it very easy for me to make progress on projects and tasks that had lingered on my to-do list for up to 5 years. But the glue that made it all stick was the built-in multi-tiered accountability the Group affords. Staying true to the discipline I established while working with the Group, I’m moving forward on my own, finding it a lot easier now to Get-it-Done!
— Bridget K, Sacred Self Coaching

This program is truly a sure fire way to put your actionable items that are your head’s to do list out into a completed task list. The support you receive and give each other gives a new meaning to productivity. Instead of “doing” you are “being” holding yourself accountable for what is important to you. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants a jump start in productivity with no more excuses to “get it done.” I completed more smalls tasks in these few weeks than I have in the last year. -Coach Nina Schloegel, PCC

Being part of the pilot Get-It-Done group helped me realise that the way to progress on a large project, such as a book, is to set up habits and routines that ensure daily progress. — Claire T

​I got it done.!!! That dreaded project that has been looming over my head for months. Even though I was learning new productivity strategies, I got that darn awful project DONE! And, there is no better feeling than that. I highly recommend it to you. To everyone. — Marjorie H

I had been thinking of starting a business for 2 years. In 3 weeks, I moved from idea to a concrete plan and conducted two experiments to test my plan. The support from Stever, my accountabibilibuddy and the group made it possible. — Joyce K