Evil Dead: Cabin in the Woods Evil Dead: It's Time to Fight
Cabin in the Woods with Dancing Tree
(Stever is dancing tree at left)
It’s Time
(Stever zombie visible, shadowed, to the audience left of Ash)
Evil Dead: Ash, Linda's Body, Scott's Body Evil Dead: Blew that Bitch Away
Ash, Linda’s body, and Scott’s body
(Stever playing Linda’s body, most eloquently)
S-Mart employees thanking Ash because he blew that b… annoying woman away
(Can you spot Stever?)
Evil Dead: Kids in Cabin Evil Dead: Annie and Ed
Ash, Linda, Cheryl, Scott, and Shelley shortly after Cheryl’s attack Annie and Pre-Zombie Ed
Evil Dead: Ash Sawing off His Hand
Ash, taking care of a pesky hangnail

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Episode 134: Name Your Files by Alphabetizing Them…

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