These are the resources discussed in Get-it-Done Guy episode 241, “write quickly using full-screen editors and markdown.” Here is a picture of the MOU editor, which shows markdown on the left and a live preview on the right.

Screenshot with markdown and preview

Markdown References



  • Ommwriter– a full-screen editor without distractions.
  • Markdownpad – a multimarkdown editor that gives you previews as you type
  • Markie - a multimarkdown editor


  • Multimarkdown Composer – a multimarkdown editor written by Fletcher Penny, who created multimarkdown
  • ia Writer – IA Writer, a full-screen editor that supports a subset of markdown
  • Marked – a Markdown previewer
  • Mou – a markdown editor for website builders, which shows a side-by-side preview of your markdown
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Episode 241: How to Write Fast and Type Fast

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