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My reputation is for creating high-quality content that’s fun and readable. Very occasionally, I feature guest writers in my newsletter and on my blog.

If you would like to be considered, relevant topic areas include:

  • Productivity: personal productivity, time management, organization, and efficiency
  • Communication skills: interpersonal skills and relationships in the workplace
  • Business leadership: leadership, persuasion, influence
  • Business management: general business skills and concepts (e.g. “what is a business model?”)
  • Careers and Life: career management and development, Living an Extraordinary Life

Writing quality. You must be a flawless writer of English-language articles. I have been published in the top business publications in the world. I worked on the Harvard Business School writing curriculum. My standards are extremely high. If your inquiry below or your sample articles contain any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors, you won’t hear back.

Content quality. You must have original content that will be intriguing and informative for a sophisticated, intelligent audience. If you don’t understand business yourself, or want to give me a trite discussion of how awesome entrepreneurship is because it helps you disrupt the leading edge technologies of using the social graph to provide astonishing new multimedia-rich intelligent chat messages, we probably aren’t a good match. Browse through my articles section to get an idea of my writing style and topics.


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