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One of the critical things I learned from Stever [was to]…give myself permission to want it all; to not think in terms of mutual exclusivity. The results have been remarkable. To date, I have built a business which is almost unprecedented in scale among independent entrepreneurs under the age of 40 and I can trace a lot of that right back to Stever.

— Frantz Alphonse, Founder and General Partner, AP Capital Partners

Stever has helped me to prioritize, manage my department, manage my boss (the CEO) and harness the power of co-workers to help me achieve both individual and departmental goals. And he understands how to help one have a personal life in addition to work; he’s terrific!

— Liz Kellison, Senior Vice President, University Access, Inc.

I have gained time in my day without noticeable reduction in quality of work or quality of decisions by learning to trust my instincts sooner and make decisions on less information.

— Todd Hoddick, Chief Operating Officer, HealthAllies, Inc.

I highly recommend Stever Robbins to anyone seeking action-oriented, thoughtful, “out-of-the-box” guidance… He brings a novel approach to everything he does. His ability to push the edge of one’s thinking has made our working relationship among the best I’ve had. He has helped me broaden my own problem-solving skills and given me new insights into my own effectiveness.

— Len Schlesinger, Chief Operating Officer, The Limited, Inc.

After working with Stever around job interviewing, I sailed through a big interview. I was confident, and my performance was my best ever.

— Joshua Waldman

Stever’s decision-making exercise served as an invaluable template in moving this process forward, so now I feel I don’t have to “sell” specific ideas in a meeting…now I just facilitate using the process and the great ideas are just “discovered” naturally. Great for internal buy-in and adoption.

— David Rhodes, VP Strategic Development, elipze.com

He helped make major decisions about strategic direction. After working with him, we had a new business plan, revitalized energy, and a laser-like focus on success… You walk away with the practical stuff, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg: you also walk away with a vision of where to best focus your time, a strong sense of how to really make your idea work, and a clearer understanding of what lies ahead.

— Steve Goldenberg & Karen Fuerherm, Founders, Interfolio

Stever led a coaching seminar with my Leadership Team. We had other coaching events before, but none had the impact, the ability to generate new insights, and — ultimately– the actionability of Stever’s seminar. He has tremendous experience and is able to tailor it to the specific needs, heis not a “one-size-fits-all” guy. My leadership team and I came [away] highly energized!

— Roberto Marinucci, General Manager, Fater S.p.A., Italy

Stever is able to step back and provide perspectives I can’t see on my own. Stever is helping me transition to a Senior Vice President who is helping build, shape and guide the company… My goal is a dream job: less hours, less stress, more fun and a more creativity. Stever is helping me do that!

— Brenda Reiswerg, Senior Vice President, Quisic, Inc.

Stever really helped me to establish my market identity and business model. I achieved a major breakthrough in positioning my business working with him – Stever’s really gone the extra mile for me.

— Shamus Brown, Industrial Ego

Stever helped me apply empirical thinking to my business plan in ways that I think can often escape the creative entrepreneur. I know that I’ve saved myself a great deal of expense and headache in the future by having him help me now!

— Mike Bielenberg, co-Founder Music Revolution, LLC, former General Manager at Jupiter Images, founder BBM.NET

Stever’s showed an impressive grasp of the complexities of our particular situation, give specific suggestions and positive criticism. Our final business plan was significantly better as a result of Stever’s/VentureCoach’s contribution.

— Brian M. Rom, President, Investment Technologies

Stever’s history with start-ups, the Harvard Business School’s “Leadership and Learning” curriculum overhaul and his educational background leave him uniquely qualified to speak to a broad and diverse group of business audiences. Combine his experience base with an ability to touch all of us with an engaging and thought provoking style and you have the makings of a great session/workshop. If we all followed Stever’s advice the business world would be in much better shape!?

— Len Schlesinger, President Babson College, formerly Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Limited Brands

Stever isn’t just a presenter; he’s an experience!

— Jack Canfield, best-selling author Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Stever is a great presenter. He presents with energy, enthusiasm and displays a mastery of the material that makes it fun and accessible to the whole audience.

— Ken Blanchard, co-author The One Minute Manager

You hit a home run for our audience. People learned a great deal and left understanding how their business works, what drives profitability, and what options they have for creating long-term business value.

— James Lavoie, CEO, Middlesex Savings Bank

Stever’s presentation at TiECon was one of the best attended sessions of the entire conference. He has a remarkable ability to engage and inspire the audience with his delivery and content, and the audience left with a strong understanding of how to be active leaders both in their workplaces and communities.

— Vikram Desai, Conference Organizer and Session Chair – Leadership, TiE Conference

We invited Stever Robbins in to speak to our business customers about growing their companies and he was great. His insights were right on, and a number of our customers commented that they walked away with an action list of useful suggestions.

— Charles F. Frosch, President & CEO, Union Savings Bank

For several years, I have had the great pleasure of engaging Stever Robbins at MIT in various programs that he has either facilitated, led, or emceed. In all situations, ranging from groups in classrooms to an auditorium with 1,400 participants, Stever has demonstrated his unique gifts to be deeply informative, incredibly well organized, entertaining, and inspiring. A few weeks ago, he brilliantly emceed one of MIT’s major events, the annual Tech Day program, to a packed auditorium and a worldwide web audience. Stever has an uncanny ability to understand his audience, the ideas they need to understand, and how to communicate them. Plus, he has the gift to be able to meld himself into whatever role it takes to get these jobs done.?

— Louis E. Alexander, Director, Alumni Education, MIT

Stever brings a special energy to his training by creatively engaging participants on any subject he takes on. He shares refreshing insights while delivering substantive material about a wide away of topics. He provides a novel approach to presentation skills, simulations and other types of training enabling the participant to learn a new portfolio of techniques that enhance their effectiveness as managers.

— Ellen Herman, Organizational Behavior Faculty, Center for Team Learning, Boston University School of Management

Stever performed a presentation for us entitled “Lessons from Nine Startups.” His insight into the factors that contributed to the ventures’ success or failure was precise, lucid, and appropriately tailored for our audience. He articulated his very original analysis in an interactive and engaging way (not to mention humorous). Our students mobbed him afterwards with further questions. Stever will certainly be invited back!

— Trent Ashburn, Brown University Entrepreneurship program

In Germany we call Stever Robbins “the brain. The complexity in which he presents his material is unbelievable to the professional with linguistic and psychological background. His vast knowledge is embedded into stories of greatest amusement and fun. This way, his very intense teachings become very entertaining on stage indeed. We found Stever Robbins teachings so valuable, that we have included his digital recording of a workshop in our “Master Package for Trainers and Communicators”. Thank you very much Stever.

— Chris Mulzer, CEO PMA Change Management, Berlin, Germany

Stever Robbins is an extremely dynamic speaker. He doesn’t just talk about the “standard” topics, but strives to give a perceptive and entertaining insight into how things really work. His presentation at Wharton covered a wealth of topics, which kept the audience engaged and wanting more. If you need a speaker on business, technology, or entrepreneurship topics, Stever’s your man.

— Steve Ludmer, Wharton Undergraduate Class of 2001, President of the Wharton Undergraduate Entrepreneurial Group, founder and CEO of Seedling Ventures

… [Stever is] eye opening … you become cognizant of the effort and energy that you spend on day-to-day tasks, what is important and what’s not important. I think you need a guy like him around to help you develop the habits. He¹s a great guy.

— Gerry Sunderland, Business Development Manager, Gryphon Management Financial Group

I was impressed with your topic, delivery, thoughtfulness and the insights you shared.

— Steve Lishansky, President National Speaker’s Association, New England

Stever’s presentation, “Taming the Wild Client,” engaged our audience in a lively discussion of concrete steps we can take to deal with difficult clients and client relationships. As our members’ success depends on the depth and breadth of their client rosters, the information was both timely and well targeted. We look forward to having Stever address our group again!

— Dr. Pamela Waite, Vice President, Programming, Society of Professional Consultants

I learned more about the strategies and philosophies of effectively taming my wild clients in one hour from Stever then I did in Client Relationship classes that lasted days!

— Wayne Kelley, Partner – Senior Test Strategist, “Taming Your Wild Client”

Stever’s address in LEADING: LEAdership Development INitiative for Graduate students at MIT was well-received by the participants and they were infused with energy by his talk. He set the mood for our two-day workshop and was responsible in part for its success.

— Dilan Seneviratne, President, MIT Graduate Student Council

Stever is the best speaker on business issues that I’ve ever heard. He is energetic and captivating, quick-witted and knowledgeable, and his insights are extremely valuable. After hearing him speak, my colleagues and I talked for many hours about him and his presentation…I imagine he would have kept his audience enthralled for another hour or longer.

— Geoff Anders, Wharton School of Management

Stever has a rare gift – a truly original mind. I guarantee you’ll come away with at least one truly new, incisive to the bone, quite clever and compelling way of thinking about whatever that speaking topic was.

— Charles Parry, partner, Signet Consulting

Stever doesn’t sugarcoat what he says. He tells it like it is and offers entrepreneurs practical, candid advice instead of lofty platitudes. During one panel discussion at an HBS conference, a student asked the panel how to value the stock option component of his job offer from a small startup. The other panelists offered generalities about assessing the quality of the company’s management team and looking at valuations of comparable companies. Stever, on the other hand, dove into the mechanics of startup valuation, stock option agreements, and vesting. He also offered three personal experiences regarding pitfalls he’d encountered at different startups that he’d been involved with. The student couldn’t take notes fast enough while Stever was speaking.”

— Greg Pal, president of HBS Entrepreneurship Club

Stever’s depth of knowledge on all things entrepreneurial is extraordinary, and his ability to listen and shape a discussion to the needs of an audience unparalleled. I recommend him to anyone seeking an engaging, intellectually rigorous and highly worthwhile learning experience.

— Michelle Toth, CEO, The InnerWorkout, Inc.

I found Stever’s talk at the HBS Cyberposium full of insights specific to early stage companies. Also, I found his talk lively and entertaining quite a departure from other speakers who talk on similar subjects.

— Praveen Tipirneni

Stever has truly impressed me! He can engage the public with his enthusiastic energy, wit, and valuable content. He provides a different perspective on entrepreneurship—by framing his coaching and research results into key messages that are refreshing and concise, and immediately applicable to people’s work and life.

— Alex Schroder, Harvard Business School Student

Stever was a hit! ?…clearly the best panel of the day?…the most useful advice of the entire conference?…refreshing, honest, frank commentary on management team dynamics ?…illuminating reasons why people join start-ups?.

— Audience comments, Harvard Business School, entrepreneurship panel

Stever motivated the audience and kept them engaged.  Leadership is ?so overdone, but Stever reminded us that leadership is individual and no ?matter what kind of formulas, algorithms, recipes, or reagents are ?applied, it will not fit every situation or mold to every dilemma.

— A. Chakravarty, Managing Director, Turning Point Renewal Group

Stever gave a fantastic workshop on career transition to an audience of MIT alumni. His unique experience as a programmer, trainer, startup founder and executive coach gave him such a broad perspective that he was able to respond to each question with deep insight derived from firsthand experience. The attendees were so engaged and got so much value out of it that many stayed to talk to Stever afterwards. Some stayed for two more hours and didn’t leave until 11pm!

— AnYuan Guo – VP of Program, MIT Club of Boston

Stever worked on a committee with me to develop and produce one of MIT’s signature annual programs, Tech Day 2010. In addition to chairing the committee that year, he was the emcee for the program which was entitled Against the Grain: The power of thinking differently. Stever did a brilliant job as emcee. The auditorium was sold out at around 1200 people, and there was a virtual audience of MIT alumni worldwide tuning in. Throughout the three hours of program, he kept all the speakers flowing on time, plus he was a lively and entertaining emcee who did much to keep the audience engaged. Clearly, Stever was one of the best hosts we have ever had for this program.

— Louis Alexander, Director, Alumni Education at MIT

I worked with Stever on his “Living an Extraordinary Life” presentation, part of Harvard Business School’s Career Management Webinar Series. Stever shared the story of his exploration of how life could change if we committed to living only a life that we defined as extraordinary. He was authentic and humorous in his approach offering practical strategies to embark on a new life journey. This popular webinar was followed up with attendees being able to participant in a lively half-hour-long twitter discussion. Stever brought great value and insight to the Career Management Webinar Series. I look forward to partnering with him again.

— Christine Paul Tetreault, Associate Director, Alumni Career & Professional Development, Harvard Business School

If you’re serious about becoming successful, you not only need clarity around your long-term purpose, vision, and goals, but you need to organize your time, space, and attention to make success possible. This book will show you how to make sure all your efforts count, so every moment you choose to work brings you closer to your dreams. Stever’s unique style makes this book not only highly practical, but a fun, engaging read.

— Jack Canfield, Co-author of The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

Whether you’re a C-suite executive or just starting your career, you need to be able to produce results fast. Stever gives simple, practical advice for eliminating distractions, honing in on what’s most important, and reaching your goals faster and with more fun. Put his advice into action and increase your impact!

— Keith Ferrazzi, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

Building your MOJO in work and life means doing what makes you happy and gives you meaning. This book’s nuts-and-bolts advice will help you concentrate your efforts on what matters most to you, and find ways to achieve it simply and quickly.

— Marshall Goldsmith, NY Times and Wall Street Journal #1 best-selling author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, and MOJO: How to Get It, How to Keep It, and How to Get It Back If You Lose It.

Stever Robbins has taken a practical, useful topic—how to get more done—and applied it to getting more done at work, and more done in building a meaningful life. The book is packed with tips you can use immediately, and its humor, style, and irreverence makes it an easy, fun read.

— Marci Shimoff, NY Times best-selling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

For years, Stever Robbins has been giving me advice. His podcast and now his book are an important source of advice for me. What are you waiting for? You have to pick this up.

— Chris Brogan, NY Times bestselling author of Trust Agents and Social Media 101

Wisdom plus tools to make you a heck of a lot more productive! A big payoff for a small book!

— Len Schlesinger, President-Babson College and Former Vice-Chairman and COO- Limited Brands

Some paths to a better life involve 12 steps. Robbins saves you three. His nine steps help me and I know will help you to live better and get more done by working more efficiently and effectively. Even if you love your work, his advice helps!

— Howard Stevenson, Chairman, NPR (National Public Radio), Sarofim-Rock Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School

The Get-it-Done Guy provides a wealth of smart, useful ways to save time, shared with a delightful sense of humor and fun. This book isn’t just about doing things better and faster; it’s about how to build an aligned life and career, focused on your highest goals and values.

— Frances Hesselbein, Distinguished Chair of Leadership, U.S. Military Academy, former CEO Girl Scouts of America, awarded U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom

Stever Robbins has written the handiest of guides – 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More. It’s chock full of tips that will make you say, ‘Now, why didn’t I think of that?’ Read this fun and friendly little book and simplify your work and life.

— Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Helping People Win at Work