I just put the finishing touches on an audio product called You Are Not Your Inbox: Overcoming Email Overload. It is a 3-CD set plus web page with relevant links and resources.

I’ve never marketed an information product before. Any and all ideas you might have that could help would be greatly appreciated! The price point ($47) is such that it makes no sense to hire a firm to do the marketing; I’d have to sell hundreds of units just to pay for the firm.

Here are some thoughts I’ve had so far:

Reviewers. Who should I be contacting (or looking for introductions to) who might be interested in reviewing the product?

Adwords. We’ll shortly have an adwords account up and running. Which adwords would you be looking for if you wanted an email overload product?

Affiliates. I’ve heard of affiliate marketing but don’t know how to find affiliates. Do you know how affiliate marketing works?

Blogosphere. Are there conversations I should be part of on the blogosphere? Obviously, it would be rude and inappropriate to plug the product explicitly in the middle of a conversation. But how else can blogging ultimately bring people who need the product to actually buy?

What else? I’m new at this game. What else would you recommend?

Thanks! – Stever

Any ideas on how to market my email overload produ…

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